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Aslan: New Philippine Hall of Fame

A liver and white shih tzu is sometimes thought to be a fault; a dog simply different from the rest. They are not commonly seen inside the show ring and are even looked down upon by some. It is not easy. When we had this handsome boy, we thought it was time to move things around even if it meant moving mountains.

We have struggled, we have been bashed, and we have been criticized. But amidst all that, we were also supported and loved. Today, we would to like to share this glorious moment with you all. We are finally here.

Superness Shih Tzu would like to present to you the very first liver and white shih tzu to attain the Philippine Hall of Fame title — PHIL HALL OF FAME SUPERNESS CROWNING GLORY, famously known as CH ASLAN.

A hard work paid off and achieved with the help of the following judges, who we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to:

Maxine Bellingham
Dr Raymundo Lo
Mario P. Magsaysay
Ronnie F. Natividad
Dr. Jose Mendiola
Hsieh-Chin Tsai
Sandi Mashford
Rui Oliveira
Sae Hyun An
Heung Sik Kang
Wayne Douglas
John Rowles
Wera Hubenthal
Rodi Hubenthal
Antoaneta Penkova
Larry Yuen
Simon Sim
Gwen Hovey
Erin Brown
Keven Harris
Jae Yong Kim
Chin-fa Tsai
DianneRon Besoff

Thank you for recognizing Aslan even if he is a liver and white.

We would also like to thank Aslan’s handlers Dannél Garing and Christoper Elopre for combining your best efforts in finishing his title.

And with a little shameless promotion, grooming has always been made by yours truly 😉

Aslan BPBIS Dr Pero Bozhinovski


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