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Elsa: Best Junior in Show

It was a great weekend for Team Superness.  Ch Elsa got her first Best Junior in Show trophy under Mr. Dennis Kuzelj of Bulgaria. She attain another title, Junior Champion, by winning another First Place from the Junior Class under Ms. Antoaneta Penkova of Bulgaria.

She captured the heart of the judges because she got the Best of Breed award and Best Philippine Born from the classes. She also ended up getting the Best in Group 2 which is a great achievement for such a young age.

Ch Elsa’s current furmom is Angelic Chua. Special thanks also to Christopher Elopre and Dannel Garing for handling Elsa on her way to the Best Junior in Show.


Ch Elsa while waiting for the Best Junior in Show

Esla Best in Group 2

Ch Elsa getting the Best in Group 2 and Best Junior in Group award. She wasn’t able to get the CACIB from the Best of Breed because of her young age though.

Elsa Best Junior in Show

Ch Elsa winning the Best Junior in Show



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